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What is Mypo

New generation e-commerce

In the global world, the e-commerce system is the place where the seller and the buyer meet.

MYPO is a marketplace that connects buyers and sellers, just like Ebay, Amazon or Aliexpress, and receives commissions from sellers. Companies open shops in the MYPO marketplace. They pay a commission to the MYPO marketplace for the items they sell.
As an example: you buy Nike sneakers for $100 from the MYPO marketplace. MYPO deducts a 20% commission, whic is 20 dollars, from the company that sells this product. MYPO buys MYPO tokens from the crypto exchange where Mypo is listed with this $20.
MYPO sends 60% of the purchased MYPO tokens to the mypo wallet of the purchaser and 20% to the mypo wallet of the store owner. The remaining 20% ​​is taken by mypo.

As the number of stores and customers in the MYPO marketplace increase, the number of purchases will increase. MYPO tokens will be purchased from the Exchange with the commission fee from each purchase which will have direct effect on the MYPO value by creating demand.

MYPO Marketplace has mypo wallets for both customers and store owners. Customers and store owners can withdraw the MYPO tokens ,that they earned from their purchases, to an crypto exchange or use them as a discount on their next purchase.

Company Information

Mypo Technology Sales Trade Limited Company

In line with the laws of the Republic of Turkey, the trade registry number of the ministry of commerce (mersis number) 0627136889900001

Legal Company Papers

You can review all company and legal documents.

Company Address

Metropol Istanbul Residence Ataturk Mah. Ertugrul gazi sok. C1 Blok No:2B Iç Kapı No: 376 ATAŞEHIR/ISTANBUL


in October

Maximum purchase


Launchpad Platform

Minimum purchase

0.03 BNB

Planned Stock Exchange Listing

In December 2022

Planned maximum total supply

40.000.000 MYPO Tokens

Time left to scheduled launchpad time
  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds
Coming Soon

Budget planning

Sale Proceed Allocation



Both customers and merchants earn MYPO tokens as they shop on the MYPO marketplace. MYPO is much more advantageous than existing e-commerce marketplace sites. MYPO stands out with its innovativeness in online shopping by giving away the commission it receives from the seller to the customer and the seller as MYPO token.

Nft sales in Mypo


In addition to thousands of varierities of products from textiles to electronics, NFT shopping will be carried out through the MYPO marketplace application. You can buy and NFTs from the MYPO NFT Marketplace area, which is ongoing development stage and will be available at the MYPO marketplace in our upcoming updates


The Timeline

Below is the road map in our current planning. A maximum delay of 1 month may occur on this plan.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mypo?

Mypo is an e-commerce site project. E-commerce sites around the world receive commissions from the products sold, but Mypo takes the commission from the seller and gives it to the customer as mypo token.

In which countries will Mypo be?

Mypo's goal is to show itself all over the world. We will focus on the pilot countries that we have identified as priority.

Why should customers choose the mypo e-commerce site?

Every customer wants to buy the product they buy cheaper. A product is 100 USD on any e-commerce site. The same product is 85 USD in mypo. In this case, which e-commerce site would you prefer?

What is a MyPo card?

Mypo card is a debit card. It offers the opportunity to shop by converting the tokens in your wallet into USD currency at the time of shopping.

When is your stock market listing schedule?

We are planning to list the stock market in January 2023.

Which exchange do you plan to be listed on?

The priority for us is that the volume of the stock market we will list is real and that it is a global and reliable stock market. However, it is a well-known exchange.

Do you have any stock market deals?

We have signed contracts with 2 exchanges before. and we have introduced these exchanges to our community. Although these exchanges are global. We put our agreement with these exchanges on hold because we want the first exchange to be listed much better.

How many exchanges do you aim to be listed on?

The priority for us is that the MYPO project is working on a project basis. Then these exchanges will want to list us themselves.

How many tokens are available and what is the supply?

Mypo is 2 billion in total. A maximum of 1 billion piece will be supplied over the next 10 years.

Could your token supply be less?

In fact, mypo e-commerce site is based on collecting tokens from the market. It buys tokens with the commission it receives from every sale made through the e-commerce site. This could also translate into a market supply of much less than 1 billion.

What will be the value of mypo token?

Mypo community is growing day by day. With the activation of our e-commerce site and application, the mypo community and its surroundings are expected to be used by more people by downloading our application. Every product sale that will occur on mypo will allow mypo tokens to gain more value.

Mypo uses the token supply for company expenses. As the number of purchases increases, mypo will purchase more tokens with the commissions it receives. In this case, it is natural that the token value will increase continuously. With the increase in token value, the number of tokens that the mypo company must put on the market to meet its expenses will also decrease. Although the total supply is determined as 1 billion in our current token supply policy, we expect it to be less.


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